Skin Love

Hello there ladies! Taking care of our skin can be costly. My friends have been trying to convince me that I should start using anti-aging products. I am not really into those kind of beauty regimen. But lately, I have started using night cream for my face and miracle oil for my face and body. 

Natura Siberica Night Cream for Oily and Combination Skin

I love this product! First, the smell is calming. Second, the cream is not sticky. Third, the matte-ish finish after you apply it in your skin. I was surprised to wake up with “not so oily” skin in the morning. 

See? I haven’t washed my face yet when I took that photo this morning. 😍 

Sunflower Oil by Human Nature

I use this oil to grow my eyebrows and eyelashes, body scrub and body moisturizer. I prefer using this compared to body lotion. ☺️ 

For my eyebrows and eyelashes one drop is enough.

For body scrub I usually use virgin coconut oil. But last sunday I ran out of vco so I used this. Brown sugar (scrub) and sunflower oil. 

After bath I apply this oil right after bath. Keeps my skin from drying. ☺️

Giving those products 5 stars! πŸ’«πŸŒŸβœ¨β­οΈπŸ’« 


I know these freckles are not perfect but I just tried doing it. Here are the products I used to achieve that. 😊 

So that is it for my article this week! Please continue on reading and sharing my blog to your friends and social media. If there are products or things that you want me to blog for you just email me at I hope to hear from all of you guys! 

Miraculo Fragrances

I am so lucky to try all the scents of Miraculo fragrances.They have variety of scents that will satisfy your senses. I am proud to say that this is a Filipino product. Hancrafted with love by Mitoy Sta. Ana.  For this article I will introduce you to the female and unisex scents. 

La lune

My favorite scent! It is sweet and yet strong smell really matches my personality. I would wear this going on a date with someone for the first time. 


I call this a throwback scent. This reminds me of my higschool. I used to write letters to my friends and crush using a stationary. This scent kinda smell like it. I like it! 


Up all night scent. This I would wear if I will go clubbing. I find this scent so sexy. 


I remember my aunt everytime I smell this. Somehow I find this smell motherly. The smell reminds me of tender loving care. I would wear this everyday for work. 


Baby smell! I love it! I remember smelling my niece kinda like this (missing her so much). Baby powder and baby smell combined. 


This scent is for strong independent woman. I would love to wear this for a meeting with clients. 

They also have room scents and fragrances for men. Please visit their facebook page Miraculo Fragrances. 

Thank you so much sweeties for reading this. I also would like to thank Mitoy Sta. Ana. 

See you on my next article! 

*Photos are taken from Miraculo page.

Mix and Match

Let’s face it! It is an expensive lifestyle not to repeat the clothes if you already worn it. 😊 In my case, I mix and match all the time. So you see  in my posts that I actually wear the clothes over and over again. When buying clothes I also make sure that it is comfortable to wear. So I don’t just throw my clothes. I use them again. I learned to mix and match to create another a whole new style. 

Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Bag: Velvet from Zalora

Shoes: Adidas Superstar

Watch: Rudy Project

That is the exact dress I wore for a premiere night of a film last year. This is actually the second time I wore that dress. 

Crop Top: H&M

Bolero: Forever21

Skirt: Forever21

Shoes: Loca loca

Watch: Swatch

That is my look for this for a film that I am shooting recently. Office chic, styled by Jac PequeΓ±a and hair & make up by Jonathan De Asis. 

Before I end this article I would like to share inspiring words from someone who is so successful yet very humble. So gorgeous too! Jodi Sta. Maria. 

“Hold on to that dream even if only you are the only one who believes it. ” 

I know. It’s way out of topic. My point here ladies is that just keep dreaming. Even if nobody believes you can achieve don’t loose hope. Hold on to that dream. That’s what I did. I am not an actress now if I gave up my dreams. Keep dreaming! 😘 

See you on my next article! 

Birthday Bash!Β 

Last night my friend organized a birthday party for me in Malayan Plaza Hotel. I’m 33 and it feels great! 😍 I am so thankful to have a lot of people who loves and supports me. ​


Let’s go to the most exciting part! The opening of gifts. 😁 Thank you so much for the awesome gifts! I love it!  Anyway, these are the three of my favorite gifts. 

1. Total Intensity Lipstick by: Prestige Cosmetics.  I am so obsessed with dark colors of lipsticks! 

2. Soft pink bag by: Velvet. My friend bought this one online in Zalora. Later, I will post a video when I opened the package. 

3. Night Cream by: Natura Siberica. I have been looking for a night cream. I am so excited to try this one! 😍

Bonus Video: Opening of Zalora package. 

I spent the night in the hotel. Whenever I sleep there, I am always excited to wake up because of the breakfast buffet! Haha! The coffee is so good! I swear, Malayan has really good coffee. 

After breakfast we decided to go for a swim. Like I always do. But today is really cold. Windy and raining. β˜”οΈ I still manage to take a photo for my birthday post on instagram. 

The swim wear, I worn that many times already. Please check my previous posts if you want to know the  details about it. The see through dress is from my Biggielicious family. Thank you Joana Alipao! 

I just want say thank you my family and friends who never left me side. I wish a lot of things not only for myself but for all the people around me. Here’s to another year of fun, fearless fashion, more films and a lot of adventure! 

To all my readers from around the globe. I may not know all of you but thank you so much. Remember you are all beautiful. I love you guys! ❀️ 

Fashion Plus Adventure

Hello hello! Last January 2 my brother’s friends decided to go on a road trip. We went to Kapusod then we had coffee in Gourmet’s Farm and passed by Ilog Maria to buy organic products. 

Kapusod in Mataasnakahoy, Batangas. 

That is the entrance to the resort. The gate is cute. What I love about this place is that it is surrounded with plants and flowers such as bougainvilleas, santan and a lot more. If you want a day trip or a quick get away. I would recommend this place. 

If you love water sports, they have kayak. I want to try it one of these days. They also have a swimming pool which you can enjoy if you are not a lake lover. 

Beside that pool is an Earth Dome. It is a room which you can rent if you plan to stay overnight. 

​They have a tree house and cottages too.  I don’t know the exact rates but it ranges from 700-2000 php. You can check their facebook page if you want to know the room rates, more photos and other amenities.

Here are other photos. 

They also serve food. My kuya’s friend called them ahead of time. So when we arrived the food was ready. Food cost ranges from 200-250 php per person. 

A sweet escape from the city life! A very relaxing experience! Loving all the greens and flowers.

That is for my adventure! Now, let’s go to fashown. 

Dress: Kultura

Leggings: hmmm I forgot πŸ˜”

Shoes: Adidas

Bag: Josè

Watch: Rudy Project

I worn that dress already. You can check out on my previous article. 

The people in the photos are Yasmin Arquiza, Cris Banluta and my brother JIE Teodoro. Thank you so much guys! 

Thank you for reading loves! ❀️️ Watch out for another article next week! 

Gold Chic

Hello ladies! It has been a busy and bumpy ride in the past few weeks. Anyway, I hope you all had a good time during the holidays.

Whew! I wore this during the gala of our film ORO. I am so happy to wear this creation of Costura Grafica by Tessa Aquino. I wore it with Christian Siriano boots which I already posted in this blog a lot of times already. 

What was inside my clutch? Powder, powder brush, oil blot sheet, H&M lipstick and Fendi perfume. Thats a beaded clutch bag by Tessa Aquino. 

I am looking forward to a  lot more fearless fashion this 2017. Stay gorgeous ladies! 


Hey gorgeous! Last friday I attended the ORO (our film) grand presscon. I am so excited to share with you my outfit for that event. 

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if my Docs would match the color of my blouse. I thought the colors won’t be a good combination and my top was a bit formal for my shoes. But when I looked at myself in the mirror I thought it was ok. So please be my judge. You can comment below if you like this ensemble or not. πŸ™‚ 

For outfit details, here it is! 😊

Top: Biggielicious

Leggings: Biggielicious

Shoes: Doc Martens

Bag: David Jones

So that’s it for my plussize fashion. I thought you might want to see photos from the presscon. 

I borrowed this photo from Pelikula Mania. Thank you. 

I’m am so happy to announce my Christmas Special article. This coming tuesday I will be attending the red carpet premiere of our film, ORO. I am super excited! I will publish my article on Christmas Day! 

Thank you so much for reading! See you again on sunday, Christmas day! Don’t forget. Thank you Biggielicious!