How to dress up when you are a plus size woman?

This is my first article about being a plus size. Don’t get me wrong ladies, I am also a plus size woman. I have to admit that dressing up can be a little bit of a challenge. We have to look good and presentable all the time. No, this is not vanity this is actually what others call SELF LOVE. So, to all the plus size women who finds dressing up a bit of a challenge, I would like to share some advices. Some are advice from my friends but majority is from my own experience.

  1. PLAN on what to wear hours before you go out. This doesn’t mean that you have to stand in front of your closet or stare at it for hours. Just do it during coffee break in your office, while walking on your way home, or while driving on your way home. Let your mind do the job. In my case, I take time to browse on my closet. Maybe 30 minutes before I start getting ready. But usually if I have to go somewhere I already think in advance of what to wear.
  2. Take time to FIT all your clothes. Girls, we have to admit that sometimes the clothes that we plan to wear doesn’t fit us anymore. This happens to me all the time. So during my spare time I try the some of my clothes and just do mix and matching. I find it stress relieving and makes me feel happy and organized.
  3. DO NOT BE AFRAID of BRIGHT COLORS as well as PATTERNS and PRINTS. I am a woman who loves bright colors, patterns and prints. I like happy colors such as orange, yellow, red etc. We would often hear other people say “You should wear black it makes you look thinner”, yes it’s true but it becomes boring. For me happy colors makes me happy, makes other people happy.
  4. DRESS to impress. Oh! I adore dresses! It feels comfortable and i feel beautiful wearing it. ย I actually have lists of shops where we can buy plus size dresses. Which I will discuss on my next article.
  5. SHOW some SKIN. Sleeveless, a bit of your cleavage and above the knee skirts. Show them! Do not deprive yourselves of comfortable clothing just because others say your arms are big. We are fat, we easily perspire and feel hot. Wearing sleeveless is a big relief. Well atleast here in the Philippines because of our weather. Showing a bit of your cleavage is attractive too. No, I’m not saying that showing your cleavage is the only way to look attractive. But if thin people can show their cleavage why can’t we? I am a lover of short skirts for the simple reason that they keep my legs cool and perspiration free. Lol!
  6. Look at yourself in the MIRROR. Do not just rely on other people to tell you how you look. Always look at yourself in the mirror. If you think you are not comfortable then you can go change. There is no point of wearing that clothes if you are not comfortable wearing it. I always have a back up set of clothes just incase the first one doesn’t work. Plus you’ll have time to check your over all look (make up, shoes etc).
  7. Wear it with CONFIDENCE. Confidence is the key girls. Whatever you are wearing just wear it with confidence. You’ll see.

I really hope I was able to help you with this article. If you have any questions or plus size fashion tips please follow my instagram @sunshineteodoro or email me at I would like to thank Costura Grafica by Tessa Aquino for ย the dresses that I’m wearing in photos below and for the undying love. Until my next article. Stay gorgeous ladies and always remember there is no greater beauty than the beauty from within.

Photo credits: Carlo Mendoza, Maritess Handang, Shandi Bacolod
Photo credits: Carlo Mendoza, Maritess Handang, Shandi Bacolod and Syrel Lopez
Dresses by Tessa Aquino
Dresses by Tessa Aquino

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