DIY Hotsy Makeup! 

Hello there gorgeous ladies! Sharing with you the make up products that I used for this look. These are the products that I use everyday. I just change the color of my lipstick. Lippies color depends on my mood. The rest are pretty much everyday use. I put them in my Rumi kikay kit. By the way that chocolate mirror is so cute! 

Since I have huge pores, before putting anything on my face I apply pore eraser. I use that Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser. I have said this in my previous post. I do love the light and powder like effect on my skin. Then I apply Revlon Colorstay Aqua Powder. For some reason, my skin is loving Revlon powders. I have another one, its called Revlon Nearly Naked. For my eyebrows I used two products. Thats a Fanny Serrano eye brow pencil and Ashley Shine eyebrow mascara. The Eyelashes,  I really like that Ever Bilena eyelash curler and then Ashley Shine duo eyelash mascara. For my blush I used the Benefit blush stick called Fine One One sheer for lips and cheeks.  My lipstick is Tarte. It has a minty feel when you apply it in your lips. 

Thats my friend photobombing me. Hahahahaha. 

Follow my instagram @sunshineteodoro and Email me at I hope that I would be able to help you with this article. Selfie away! 


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