Gaga Over Palda

Hey lovelies! This look is very special to me because I have overcome my fear of ‘tucked shirt’ or ‘tuck in’, and this is to show how crazy I am about long skirts (palda). This is an old skirt of my mother. I keep few of her clothes as a remembrance 😂. Anyway, my shirt is Forever21. My bag is Jose, I really like so much the dog print. It is also spacious which I like so much.  Because I can put my umbrella, kikay kit etc. Loop earrings are from Emoda ( Japanese brand). My watch is Swatch. Its very durable because it was a gift from my father 11 years ago. I just had to change the batteries. Shoes ofcourse is Adidas Superstar. My socks that blue thing peeping is from Gap. 

Bonus look! :mrgreen: Its the same Forever21 shirt and yes this time I matched it with a tutu skirt made by Costura Grafica by Tessa Aquino. Shoes, I totally forgot the brand. Loving the spikes and the pink color. 

Thank you Shandi Bacolod, Arlene Bacolod ( I love you! ) and Costura Grafica by Tessa Aquino. Follow me on instagram @sunshineteodoro. You can email me at Until next time ladies! Remember, do not let fear get in the way of your fashion. 


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