Taga Indie Pouches

I am so hooked on these cool pouches from Taga Indie. Pouches with a sense of humor! The catch is, it is just P180 each. I love its black color and golden zipper. It looks classy actually. Replaced my kikay pouch and survival pouch with these. 

Pity Cash Kikay Kit

These are the things you will find inside my Pity Cash kikay kit. Revlon Nearly Naked Powder, Maybelline Pore Eraser, H&M blush, Fanny Serrano eyebrow pencil, Ashley Shine eyebrow mascara and lip balm. Yes! They all fit inside that pouch. 

Budgey Survival Kit

I am asthmatic since birth. So I always brings these everyday. I cannot leave the house without it. The violet inhaler is my maintenance and the blue one is for emergency.  

That is it for my Taga Indie pouches. You can find Taga Indie on facebook. Follow me on instagram @sunshineteodoro. Email me at sunshineteodoro@yahoo.com. 


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