The Magic Of Make Up

I seldom wear heavy make up unless ofcourse it is required for my job, attending a party or an event. Like premiere nights, gala, tv guestings or interview. It feels heavy on my face. I feel that my skin gets tired. Lol. So, I am very careful in choosing the product. You will notice on my previous posts about make up, and I keep on mentioning that it feels light on my skin. This is the reason why . I hate that heavy feeling when I put a certain product on my skin. 

I also had a hard time choosing the right shade for my skin tone. I didn’t know what shade of foundation matches my skin tone, or what color of eyeshadows would look good on me. The struggle was real. I started collecting make up three years ago. I started buying not so costly brands. Such as Avon, Nichido, Everbilena, Fashion 21 etc. I tried each brand and I end up not satistfied. I am “acidic” so usually I am having problems with the foundation plus the I really do not know how to do make up. Lol. Later, I decided to try a bit more pricy brands such as Fanny Serrano and Wet and Wild. I loved Fanny Serrano powder and eyebrow pencil. Infact I am still using their eyebrow pencil until now. They have wide range of shades for our skin color. I also loved the coverage. But I was still searching for the right foundation. Now, I own different brands of make up and I love trying them on. I finally found the right liquid foundation for me which is Revlon’s Nearly Naked. 

In this “make up transformation” I used mostly Victoria’s Secret Jet Setter Make up set, Revlon foundation and Powder, Maybelline Pore Eraser, Ashley Shine mascara, Mary Kay bronzer and Forever 52 lipstick. 

I am not an expert in the art of applying make up. It took me a while to learn how to do it on my face. Reading books and magazines are not enough. I had to practice over and over again. You will notice later that, I don’t have any fake eyelashes on because I don’t know how to do it. Currently, I am practicing how to make my lips pout using a lip liner and lipstick. 

So this is me without anything on my face. Just my gorgeous smile. Lol By the way I stopped going to the salon to shape my eyebrows I do it myself. I am saving and money.

These are the make up products that I used for the transformation. Hahaha

Thats the Victorias Secret Jet Setter Makeup Set. I love this because they matte lipstick and eyeshadows. It is a complete set. This is really good for travelling. 

When I am finally done I just put my hair down and here it is! 

I saw one video of Kim Kardashian doing the highlighting in the face. Putting highlights on the side of the eyes going down to the upper cheek and middle of the nose bridge. A little contour on my cheek too! I guess that worked. The tip of my nose thats just a highlight. 

To wrap things up, see the photo below. 

Remember we are all beautiful with or without make up. True beauty comes from within. Thank you so much for reading! 😙 Follow me on instagram @sunshineteodoro. If you have questions email me 


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