Yes To Self Love

Finally, I have finished reading this book. I tell you what, I love this from the cover to the last page. This book is written by Danah and Stacy Gutierrez. They are the brilliant minds behind PLUMP.PH. I love them. 

Let’s go down memory lane a bit. You maybe wondering why I have to blog about this book. Well, here is the reason. I am not even plump, I am fat. When I decided to put up this blog my goal was to help all the fat ladies, like me, to dress up, look good and feel good about themselves. I was also once like them. I was so insecure, I had a low self esteem and was so afraid to dress up because I feel that I would look funny. So, I was contented wearing baggy clothes to hide my fats. Growing up, it was hard. Relatives, neighbors and random people would comment about my weight. I was bigger than those who were my  age. Especially when I was about 10 years old onwards. It’s when I started to have crushes and wanted to look good.  I always wanted to wear crop top, mini skirts, body fit shirts and dresses but my siblings would not allow me because they think it will not look good on me. Ofcourse I understand them. They just don’t want to see people laugh at me. I felt that I was only allowed to wear dresses when I am required to. Like weddings, prom etc. So, instead of wearing it myself I encouraged my bestfriends to wear those clothes and I settled for the loose shirt and pants. I always envy them. When I was in highschool I would still wear the same style. Though I really wanted to try wearing cute dresses this little voice inside my head was telling me not to. Because I would look funny, shorter and ugly. When I was about to graduate in college I wanted to try new style and I told my mother about it she was so supportive. We went shopping, I bought heels, blouses and would still wear pants. I was still afraid to wear shorts and miniskirts. I was so scared to try to grow my hair because my mother once said it doesn’t look good on me. But later on I found out what she really meant was, I did not know how to take care of a long hair.  Lol. It was when I was in medical school when I started to wear dresses, shorts and miniskirts. Then I tried to grow my hair longer than the usual boy cut, apple cut or shoulder length. I would often get negative comments from people about my look and my weight. It was so humiliating. I just dont tell anyone and just try to cover up the hurt feelings by being maldita. I started to work on my personal style when I became an actress. Believe it or not, until now I still receive negative comments about my size and my outfit. Sometimes it’s frustrating. But I don’t care anyway. This is my style and I am wearing whatever I want. Plus, I have supportive family and friends. So I don’t care. Sometimes it’s good not to care about what other people say. πŸ™‚

Anyway, this book is so useful for everyone who is in the process of loving themselves and creating their own style. This book consists of four juicy chapters. 

Chapter One: Sick of It. Their awful experiences growing up. About how they were affected by people who tried to put their self esteem down. How they tried different forms of weight loss “programs”. Yes it is sad stories but very inspiring. 

Chapter Two:Embracing It. Their turning point, realizing beauty, and how they started their body acceptance advocacy. You should really keep in mind their pieces of advice. It will help you. 

Chapter Three: Owning it. I agree, when you own something you’ll make extra effort to take care of it. Their life hacks on being plus-size, enjoying fashion and loving make up. We all do!  πŸ™‚

Chapter Four: Living it. Their take on relationships, dating ang bullying. This is so fun. I can relate so much. I am sure you will too. 

What I really love about this book is that they are not just talking about how it is to be a plus-size but about being a woman who is confident and who knows their worth.  Whatever size you are in or whatever color you are. Ladies in all walks of life. Just love yourself. Embrace your body, own it and live it! This is exactly my point why I made this blog. It’s not just Danah, Stacy or me but there are a lot of women out there who suffers from body shaming. In all parts of the world body shaming exist. In my own little way I want to change it. Hopefully I could help them. Let’s push each other up! 

I have few people to thank so please bear with me. To my siblings Kuya Junjun, Kuya Gary and Mimi for the immeasurable love. For supporting me with my career and fashion. Thank you to my manager Shandii Bacolod for supporting my fashion, style and for being a friend. Cherry Porras for being such a sweet friend and for words of wisdom. For my friends, Syrel (healthy tips, pushing me to exercise and how to do my make up), Bianca (for the willingness to financially support my blog, that is so kind of you) and Amanda ( for listening to my plans and fashion revolution). Tessa Aquino for the free clothes from Costura Grafica and encouraging me to make this blog. To all my friends who supports this and to my readers ( I may not know all of you) but thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

To my readers I only have one copy of this book. I am willing to give it to whoever wants it! First come first served! Email me! 

Follow me on instagram @sunshineteodoro. Please email me if you have any questions or you want this book, 


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