Beautipid Part I

Hey ladies! In this article I am going to discuss about the products that I use to clean my face and neck. This is really effecive on my skin. I do not use a lot of products on my skin and I seldom get facial treatment. So here are the things that I do at home. Not pricy but really effective, atleast for my skin type. 



I started to use lemons to clean my face last year. I had a big pimple on my forehead because I wasn’t able to wash my face overnight. I still had my make up on from the shoot. I was just so tired to wash my face. I woke up with a monster pimple in my forehead. A friend told me to tap it with lemon. Indeed it just disappeared after a week. Yey! Also, last year I started to drink infused water. I put lemon, cumcumber or kiwi in my water for drinking. Instead of throwing the sliced lemon, I put it on the fridge and use it to clean my face. I let it stay and slightly dry up on my skin for about 15-20 minutes before shower. In my case, I gently rub it on my skin. That really depends on your skin type. My sister tried it, she said she has slight stinging sensation ( mahapdi). I also felt that but it is not really that worse. Then you will get use to it. I tried using it everyday for a week and my skin whitened and became clearer. Please do not use if you have wounds on your skin or a case of voluminous acne. I suggest you go to your dermatologist. Also, if you are allergic to lemons please refrain from using it. 

Beautipid Tip

Buy lemons in the palengke. It’s way cheaper. Our house is near the wet market so I go there to buy my lemons. The price three days ago is just P20 per lemon. Unlike in the grocery store, which by the way also near our house, it is around P30 each. 

Clean and Clear Foam Face Wash

I have been using this Clean and Clear facial wash since I was in college. I tried other brands too. Like Nivea, Ponds and a lot of other products. This is so far is my favorite. It is oil free and does not clog pores. It is just mild on the skin. It cleans my face well and it is not so expensive. Loving the smell too. I buy the small bottles which is 20 ml.I bring them to work or travel. It is just P20-25 I think, or a little more than that. I use the 20 ml for a month already. I’m also washing my face using my bath soap when I am taking a bath. I use that in the morning, before sleeping and whenever I need to clean my face. 

Beautipid Tip

I am the most forgetful person on earth! Lol. So I just buy small bottles so when I forget it somewhere, I won’t have to cry over it. Just pour a drop or two on your palm that is enough to wash your face. But ofcourse when I have make up on  2 drops is not enough. I wash my face twice.


Let’s face it! One of the major problem of fat people like me is the darkening of the skin on the neck. Right? You are not alone my friend. I also have that problem. Back then I was shy to wear my hair up because of my dark neck. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hope this article will help you.

I use Eskinol Papaya Smooth Whitening to clean my neck before going to shower. Oh god! I do this religiously. Twice a day, before I take a shower in the morning and at night before washing my body. Just grab a cotton ball pour some Eskinol, make sure it is wet enough then rub it on your neck. I usually start on the front neck, then the sides and at the back. Rub it gently. When you are satisfied and you think you have cleaned every inch it is when you stop. You just have to clean it thoroughly. I let it dry. Twice a week, I clean my neck with lemons. Let it stay for 15-20 minutes before shower. Trust me it is really effective. Take note, I don’t use Eskinol on my face.

Beautipid Tip

Just pour Eskinol enough to wet the cotton ball. Excess liquid will just drip it to waste. 

Beautipid Reminder

Remember if you are allergic to these products or you have wound and acne problems don’t just use it. Consult a dermatologist. She has a better options for you. I just use them because it suits my skin type. I am not allergic to it. Again, the products that you should use are those that are compatible to your skin type. 

That is it for this article. Thank you so much for reading. I hope that I will be able to help all the ladies out there that has the same skin problems as me. Email me at 


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