This Girl Is On Fire

What’s up, ladies! Last week I attended a gala premiere of the film which I am part of in Qcinema Film Festival. Here is the fashion ensemble which I came up with. I call this collection This Girl Is On Fire. ๐Ÿ™‚

It is a Forever21 plussize dress. Trust me, it is so comfortable. You can actually wear the dress for strolling, malling or going to parties. For this event, I matched it with Christian Siriano ankle boots. I can’t believe I partied all night wearing that boots. I survived. Lol. I really like that bag. It is a European brand which is Holly and Whyte by Lindex. That unique piece of necklace is from Tickles and Beats (please do check out their online shop @ticklesandbeats on instagram). 

I am also proud to say that I did my own hair and make up. These are the products that I used. 

This is my first time to use this Naked 3 Eyebrow palette by Urban Decay. A friend bought this for me in Macy’s New York for only 58usd.  It comes with a free eyebrow primer in four different shades. 

But for tonight I used the anti aging primer. 

So this is how it looked. I did not use filter for the photo below.

This was my over all look for the premiere. 

That is it for my gala fashion ensemble. Please check out @ticklesandbeats for unique and authentic jewelry. Also, you can email me at if you have any questions or suggestions for my blog. Thank you so much lovelies! 


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