La la lashes! 

Hey ladies! I don’t really wear false eyelashes. Because I don’t know how to put it on. So today I spent the whole afternoon practicing how to put on false eyelashes. I can say that it’s not easy. I envy those girls who can do it in a few minutes. Honestly, it took me 5 attempts when I am finally able to place the false eylashes properly on my upper eyelids.

Those lashes was a gift from a friend. She gave it to me so I can practice. I just bought that Everbilena Eyelash Glue. I bought it in Watsons for only P60. It is a round 3 ml. You can use it more than once. 

It is my first time to upload a video. Yey! So I used tweezers so I can hold on to that lashes while attaching to my upper eyelid. 

For my full make up, I used Victorias Secret Jet Setter Make up set, Revlon and Mac foundation (I mixed it) and my lipstick is Revlon. 

So that’s its. I will practice more in the coming days. This is it for now. Thank you all for reading. Email me,  


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