Last friday I attended my brother’s book launching in University of the Philippines campus. I’m so excited to share with you my hashtag black friday outfit! 😊 

Here it is. 

Top: Bench

Skirt: Gift for me from Biggielicious

Shoes: Superstar

Bag: Louis Vuitton

For my accesories, here it is. 

My favorite Swatch, earrings is Emoda and silver necklace (a gift from my father a long time ago). 

Closer look of my LV. 

I love it because the LV logo is hidden. You won’t even recognize it is LV. This is a gift from my manager and he bought this in Japan. Also, loving the vintage look. It is classy. 

For my make up and scent, these are the products that I used. 

These are all the products that I used everyday except for the Mary Kay bronzer. Perfume is Burberry Weekend. 

No filter photos below. 

I love the color of my cheek. Thanks to H&M cream blush and Mary Kay bronzer. 

So that is it for my #blackfriday outfit. 

Thank you Pietros Val Patricio for helping me out with my photos. Ladies, you can email me at sunshineteodoro@yahoo.com! Thanks a lot! Big hug! 😍


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