Faces Behind ORO

Hey ladies! For this article,I will  share with you some photos, of the behind the scenes of our photoshoot for ORO promotions. Later in this article, I will post my style inspiration for my outfit. I will also discuss details of my look. 

A little intro about ORO, this is a film by Alvin Yapan. Produced by my manager Shandi Bacolod. Starring Irma Adlawan, Joem Bascon, Mercedes Cabral, Arrian Labios, Sue Prado, Sandino Martin, Biboy Ramirez, Paul Cedrick Juan, Timothy Castillo, Acey Aguilar and yours truly. 🙂 This film is about small mining community in an island. The lives of the people were simple and peaceful.  Until armed men came and brought fear to the people. 

In theaters this coming December 25, 2016! 😍 Shameless plugging! Lol

Are you ready for the fun photos? Here it is. 

Me, Miss Irma Adlawan and Alvin Yapan our director. I love getting words of wisdom from them. I am so happy to have this chance to work with them.

One of my favorite in the industry. I know that most of you knows how good she is as an actress. Superb! In real life, she is a good friend. A good person. A strong woman. 

One of the sweetest friend I have. Actually few people that I can be myself with in this industry. Another strong woman I know. I love her being straight forward and she is very compassionate. I admire her work ethics, talent and beauty. 

I am with two handsome men. Ayyy! I am so kilig. Beside me is Paul Cedrick Juan at the back is Biboy Ramirez. Biboy Ramirez is my childhood crush. I was not yet an actress but I already watch him on tv. But please be quiet about it he doesn’t know. Lol

Timothy Castillo, Ronald Regala, yours truly, Joem Bascon and Alvin Yapan. 

Post pictorial photo with the boys. 

That’s it for the group photos. 🙂 Let’s go to my hair and make up. Aldrin Jalandoni did my make up and Danielle Leonardo did my hair. Thank you guys! I love it! 

Let me try to recall all the products that he used. That’s Naked 2, Maybelline Nude and Laura Mercier Translucent powder. Those are the only products I recall. Sorry. This is how it looked after. 

Now for my outfit inspiration. I am such a big fan of Once Upon A Time. Regina Mills inspired me so much with this fashion ensemble. 

I hope I pulled it off. Hahaha 😂 

Forever 21 plus pencil skirt, that is a brandless seethrough top. Suit is from Costura Grafica by Tessa Aquino and my shoes is my favorite Christian Siriano. 

Watch out for our photos on my instagram! 🙂

I hope you had fun reading this article! I would like to thank the following people Aldrin Jalandoni for my make up and Danielle Leonardo for my hair. Biggielicious and Costura Grafica for my clothes. To my ORO family thank you for the love. 

See you next week for much more exciting fashion and fun photos while we are promoting our film. Thank you lovely ladies! 


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