Birthday Bash!Β 

Last night my friend organized a birthday party for me in Malayan Plaza Hotel. I’m 33 and it feels great! 😍 I am so thankful to have a lot of people who loves and supports me. ​


Let’s go to the most exciting part! The opening of gifts. 😁 Thank you so much for the awesome gifts! I love it!  Anyway, these are the three of my favorite gifts. 

1. Total Intensity Lipstick by: Prestige Cosmetics.  I am so obsessed with dark colors of lipsticks! 

2. Soft pink bag by: Velvet. My friend bought this one online in Zalora. Later, I will post a video when I opened the package. 

3. Night Cream by: Natura Siberica. I have been looking for a night cream. I am so excited to try this one! 😍

Bonus Video: Opening of Zalora package. 

I spent the night in the hotel. Whenever I sleep there, I am always excited to wake up because of the breakfast buffet! Haha! The coffee is so good! I swear, Malayan has really good coffee. 

After breakfast we decided to go for a swim. Like I always do. But today is really cold. Windy and raining. β˜”οΈ I still manage to take a photo for my birthday post on instagram. 

The swim wear, I worn that many times already. Please check my previous posts if you want to know the  details about it. The see through dress is from my Biggielicious family. Thank you Joana Alipao! 

I just want say thank you my family and friends who never left me side. I wish a lot of things not only for myself but for all the people around me. Here’s to another year of fun, fearless fashion, more films and a lot of adventure! 

To all my readers from around the globe. I may not know all of you but thank you so much. Remember you are all beautiful. I love you guys! ❀️ 


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