Miraculo Fragrances

I am so lucky to try all the scents of Miraculo fragrances.They have variety of scents that will satisfy your senses. I am proud to say that this is a Filipino product. Hancrafted with love by Mitoy Sta. Ana.  For this article I will introduce you to the female and unisex scents. 

La lune

My favorite scent! It is sweet and yet strong smell really matches my personality. I would wear this going on a date with someone for the first time. 


I call this a throwback scent. This reminds me of my higschool. I used to write letters to my friends and crush using a stationary. This scent kinda smell like it. I like it! 


Up all night scent. This I would wear if I will go clubbing. I find this scent so sexy. 


I remember my aunt everytime I smell this. Somehow I find this smell motherly. The smell reminds me of tender loving care. I would wear this everyday for work. 


Baby smell! I love it! I remember smelling my niece kinda like this (missing her so much). Baby powder and baby smell combined. 


This scent is for strong independent woman. I would love to wear this for a meeting with clients. 

They also have room scents and fragrances for men. Please visit their facebook page Miraculo Fragrances. 

Thank you so much sweeties for reading this. I also would like to thank Mitoy Sta. Ana. 

See you on my next article! 

*Photos are taken from Miraculo page.


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