La Sora Bleu

I am so excited to share with you my adventure in Tagaytay. This is actually the first ever out of town gig for my blog! I visited La Sora Bleu. It is located near Antonio’s Cabana. Don’t worry if you don’t own a car. It is very accesible. You take a bus from Cubao, bus going to Nasugbu. Just tell them to drop you in Antonio’s Cabana or Taas Radar. From the highway, you can just walk going to La Sora Bleu. Bus ride will only cost you 140php. 

La Sora Bleu are houses which you can rent for a night or more. This is really a wise choice when you have a lot of people to accomodate for a weddings, parties, retreat etc. 

Before I show you the interior, let me tell you about how affordable this place is. The non-airconditioned room is only 3,000php for an overnight! The units with aircondition is only 3,500php per night! That’s already good for 6 people. The good news is, when I saw the interior more than 6 people can actually sleep comfortably in one unit. I will show you later. 

That would be my favorite spot. Jacuzzi! Yey! 😍 If you guys want to use the jacuzzi there will be an extra charge. 500php for four hours! So cheap! Wow! Imagine this. Wine, barbecue and jacuzzi while star gazing. Oh man! That would be an amazing night. Awesome, just awesome! 

Let’s check out the interior. 

When you enter the house, You will see this small sala and a bed for two. That door is the toilet. There is a sink area. 

There is one more bedroom and a toilet in the second floor. 

I love waking up to this view. 😊

Four people can actually fit on those beds. By the way, if you guys would need extra beddings and bed. They provide but with additional charge. I’m not sure how much but I think its around 250-300php. 😊 Still affordable! 

I really think that one unit can accomodate 6-8 people or more. Just be ready for the extra charges for the beddings if you need one. 

The next exciting thing about La Sora is that they have variety of herbs planted in the area. I can imagine myself waking up to the smell of rosemary. 😊 They have rosemary, chili pepper, mint, wheat grass etc. They have a mini garden full of herbs and some greens. 

Useful herbs for cooking. La Sora does not serve food but you can bring your own food or ask the helpful ate and kuya to go to the palengke, and cook food for you. There is an additional charge for this, 500 php per day. But I tell you, they cook really well. Kuya’s Bulalo is 5 star! Sorry I wasn’t able to take a photo. 😊 

They have a rooftop, where you can see the plantation and you will be closer to the sky when you want to go star gazing. 

Here are more photos. 

I have a surprise for those of you who read this article! Voluptuoussunshine giveaway starts now!  If you book this place for the month of April you will get 500 php discount for your overnight rental fee! 

What to do: 

1. Follow my instagram account @sunshineteodoro.

2.Follow La Sora’s account @lasoratagaytay.

3. Send me a screen cap ( on IG) that you followed our accounts. 

4.Book for the month of April then you will get your 500php off! 😍 

Perfect place to stay for barkadas and families!
For bookings, inquiries and reservation please contact Meg Tuazon- 0917 316 7517
Adventure Fashown

I already posted this photo on my instagram. Here are the details: 

Top: Bonding (This is a hand me down from my mother.)😊

Shorts: Ariya Jeans ( Got this from Biggielicious)

Sandals: Brandless ( from Divirsoria)

Bag: Slang ( European brand)

Earrings: H&M x Kenzo

Sunglass: I honestly forgot the brand. ( A friend bought this one in Spain). 

*Photocredits: Meg Tuazon (Follow her instagram @shuttermegph)

Ok. So that’s it. Before I end this article I have few people to thank. Thank you Tessa Aquino for convincing me to go on this adventure. Her husband Shelldon Napa. Tita Ching and Meg thank you! 😘

*I will have more giveaways on April! 😘😍

See you on my next article loves! 😘


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