My Journey To Self Love

That photo was taken in 2013. I don’t recall posting that in social media because I was so ashamed of how I look that night. I didn’t know how to do my own make up, the dress exposed my huge arms, I have stretch marks on my shoulders that’s why I covered it with my hair, that bra I was wearing doesn’t fit me etc. I used to hate the way I look. The cellulites, stretchmarks, big belly, fat face, dark skin at back of my neck, in between thighs and under arms. 

While looking at the photo, I thought    how stupid I was for thinking that way about myself. Hating every inch of my body. I was confident enough ( I think) to wear that dress but at the   same time hating the way I looked. I know! That was weird and stupid.  

Growing up I always knew I had this confidence inside me. But this confidence was tested and broken many times by different people. My confidence is compared to a beautiful crystal when people breaks it, I have to put all the pieces back together again. God it’snot that   easy! It takes a lot of courage, love and patience to fix it. 

Having a relationship with onself is as hard as having a relationship with another person. There’s a lot of things that you will hate about your body. Things that you won’t understand about yourself. It would take time, a lot of love, courage, patience to love yourself. 

To all those who feel so ugly and hating themselves for how they look please listen to what I have to say. 

Your body is a gift from God. He made you the way you are for a reason. 😊

That is the only body that you will only have for lifetime. Love it! If you won’t who will? 

I have this weird belief that you can only love someone fully if you can accept and love yourself first. Until now that is what I believe in. And besides, you cannot give away what you don’t have. 😊

Remember, beauty knows no measurement or color. 

Appreciate, encourage and inspire others. 

My journey to loving myself is not yet over. From time to time, I feel ugly. There are still parts of my body that I do not like. But I’m working so hard to love myself fully. I hope you also do. 😊 


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