Palawan Escapade I

How I spent my seven days in Palawan? Eating,  road trip, bonding with nature, beaches and summer fashion. If I am going to rate my Palawan trip this year it would be 9/10! 

This trip won’t be that fun without these awesome people that I’m with. My kuya and his friends. 


Our adventure base is in Puerto Princesa, Casa Abanico. 10-15 mins away from the airport. It’s located along Abanico Road at the Mendoza Compound. 

Kusina Ni Tito Ernie

There is a restaurant across from where we live called Kusina Ni Tito Ernie. I like the ambience of the restaurant but the food not so much. I lost all my photos of the restaurant except for some of the food that we ate. They have huge serving. I ordered for Steamed Spare Ribs. Indeed the pork melts in your mouth. They serve homegrown rice. 

Oh please try their freshly baked bread and Santol Jam. That was really good. I give their food a score of 5/10. πŸ™‚ 

Abanico Yacth Club

It is walking distance from Casa Abanico. It is located in Puerto Princesa Bay. When we got there there were a lot of foreigners spending their night drinking beer and good conversation with their filipina wives. These are the foreigners who owns a yacth. Anyway, the best that you can eat here is their Bihon! Their adobo and sinigang is ok. I have high standards when it comes to pork and chicken adobo because my brother cooks the best adobo. 😁 I give their food a score of 5.5/10. 

La Terrasse

This restaurant is located near the airport just along Rizal Avenue. It is just 5 minutes away from the airport. 

If you want a good mojito! 😍

The food are amazing! 😊 My favorite is the Mangrove Clams. 

Score is 8.5/10! 😁

Pho Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine

It is located along San Pedro Road. My favorite food in this restaurant is their fried spring rolls. Yummy! Food score is 8/10! 😊

Ka Lui 

That is me and the only Ka Lui. 😍 I have so much to say about this place. I really recommend that you dine here when you are in Puerto Princesa! If you love paintings and art installations this is a place for you to visit. But make sure that you get reservations when you want to go there for dinner. This place is always full of customers during dinner time. 

Don’t you just love all their artworks! Some are Ka Lui’s own collection from different countries and some are for sale from local artists. 

The food! 😍 

They have a lot of food choices. These are food that we ate. I tell you! Super awesome food! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Full of flavors and captured the flavors of the sea! 

Ka Lui is kind to give us complimentary dessert. My favorite dessert! 

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! It’s healthy! Yummy! πŸ˜›  Food score is 10/10! 😍 Perfect! 

Now let’s go to desserts! 

A friend introduced me to a small gelato shop called Italian Gelato. It’s also along Rizal Avenue. 

I love their cashew gelato! Try it! 😁 

You can also try the french apple pie of Divine Sweets. It is located inside the Robinsons mall. They have good coffee too. 

This is it for the first part of my Palawan Escapade article. Next week I will be writing about our trips and plussize fashion. 

Special thanks to Ka Lui! 😘 

See you guys on my next article! 


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