Palawan Escapade 2

This is it! In this article I will show you photos of where we went and my summer fashion. šŸ˜ 

Underground River

We rented a van to take us to Sabang northern part of Palawan. The travel from Puerto Princesa going to Sabang is an hour and half or more. From Sabang port going to Underground river is just 15-20 minutes boat ride. You won’t get bored because you will pass by a lot of beautiful views.

I was a bit disappointed because my brother said that I could find a lot of monkeys and monitor lizards (bayawak) at the entrance of Underground river. Sadly, we did not see even one of them. Maybe they were scared, because there are a lot of people that time. 

I am was so amazed with the crystal clear water and swimming fishes. They aren’t shy. They swim around your feet. Below is the photo of the entrance of the cave. 

It is 45 minutes to travel inside. It is beautiful and enchanting inside. I did not take any photos because it was dark. Besides, I want to enjoy the moment. The temperature inside is cool. You can hear the sounds of bats freely flying and some are resting. It’s so peaceful inside. I can’t help but to admire such wonderful creation. God is amazing! I was praying and thanking Him of everything that I was seeing. The whole journey inside the cave was spiritually refreshing for me. I suggest that you visit it. Photos that you see online are not enough. You have to experience, smell, listen and see what is inside. 

Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort

After a short trip in Underground River we had lunch in Daluyon and enjoyed the water before we went back to the city. 

That’s my brother and me. 

Daluyon is 10 minutes walk from Sabang port. It is beside Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa. I prefer Daliyon than Sheridan because it is not crowded. The thing is, it is a bit more expensive than Sheridan. The food, pool and ambience is better. 

OOTD for Underground River and Daluyon Trip

Tabon Caves

This time we went south of Palawan.   From Puerto we rented a van going Quezon Palawan. Took us 2 hours and half. Tabon Caves are actually in the West Philippine Sea. When we arrived in Quezon we checked in Fontera Hotel. Then we went to a National Museum to get our permit going to Tabon caves. 

20 minutes boatride from the port going to Tabon Caves. 

I was only oble to go to one cave. It is where the office of Dr. Fox was located. I didn’t have the strength to see all 12 caves. šŸ˜‚ 

I challenged myself to take my ootd photo to the next level. So here it is. 

Beside that is an excavation site where they found bones of Tabon men. Across from where I was standing was the office of Dr. Fox. 

This is the photo of the first cave. 

Lameni Beach

This in unexplored beach we found in Quezon. That is an hour away from the town of Quezon. There is no resort and electricity. The beach is so clean. It is quiet, local people are very few. 

Beach OOTD

For more photos, you can check on my instagram. So that’s it for my Palawan adventures! 

There is a lot more to see and experience in this island! 

More ootd photos! 

Thank you guys for reading! I’m so excited to show you my next article! Hugs and kisses! Stay gorgeous! šŸ˜˜


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