Ukay Fashown

Hey lovelies! I’m so back! 😊 I was busy last month that’s why I wasn’t able to write my articles. I was filming in Iloilo. When I got back in the metro I had a lot of things to do and auditions to go to. 

Anyway, I am so excited to share with you cheap but really good clothes in ukay. Our location was far away from the city, and if you want to shop good clothes they have night market for ukay. 

Thats the best photo that I took because we were in a hurry. πŸ™‚

I bought that skirt in ukay for only 10php! I love the length the cloth is still new. Who could have that kind of skirt for 10 pesos? ☺️

Top: Off shoulder from Forever21

Skirt: Ukay

Bag: Coach

Shoes: Doc Martens

Watch: Swatch

This top will really surprise you! 😊 We bought that for only 1php. Yes! One peso. Hahaha! But it doesn’t look like one peso. It’s a cropt top! 

Top: Ukay

Skirt: Pencil Skirt from Forever21 

Shoes: Adidas Superstar 

Watch: Swatch

It’s been a while since I had ukay shopping. That was really fun. I was with my friends that makes it extra fun! 

That is it for my Ukay Fashown! See you girls on my next article. 😘


2 thoughts on “Ukay Fashown

  1. Grabe!! Mas mura pa sa regular fare ng bus! Haha. I wish to go to an ukay ukay and score really cheap finds. Im tired of buying expensive clothes na minsan hindi naman kagandahan ang quality.

    1. Grabe! Sobrang na amaze ako! Grabe! They have LV speedy. 500 pesos original kapag pani doctor leather to clean it nasa 3000 lang. pero hindi nabili kasi we were in a hurry. Nung binalikan ko wala na! πŸ˜” But yeah! Bago pa almost all eh.

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